Numerically Controlled : Poster Series.

VERY excited for this release! A real honor to work with these guys (pronounced : geniuses) on this incredible project. Available now in the MWM Online Store. "This project is a collaboration between 44rn (Digital Fabrication/Design), Paper Fortress Films (Video Production), and MWM Graphics (Vector Artwork)."
Robot Drawings! Aarn explains – "Vector graphics are converted into a tool path and then a machine language which controls a 3-axis CNC Machine retrofitted with a special fixture that holds a marker and mimics hand pressure during the act of drawing. Thirty-three mechanical drawings in three designs were produced using this process." Each drawing comes with one of the Sharpies used and is shipped safe in a 4" mailing tube. Created on beautiful French Dur-O-Tone 80lb paper and signed/numbered with pencil. Enjoy :)
# 1 : Twelve Points. Available Now. 24"x18". Signed & Numbered (x/33). Zoom.
# 2 : Sacred Geo Grid. Available Now. 24"x18". Signed & Numbered (x/33). Zoom.
# 3 : Spacetime Continuum. Available Now. 24"x18". Signed & Numbered (x/33). Zoom.