Now available in my Online Shop – 2019 MWM CALENDAR. A new series of colorful mandala designs. Large format 12" x 24". Printed in USA. Heavyweight glossy stock. Enjoy!

Now available in my Online Shop – 2019 MWM CALENDAR. A new series of colorful mandala designs. Large format 12" x 24". Printed in USA. Heavyweight glossy stock. Enjoy!


Greenwoods Festival 2018.

Just finished a fun 360° mural marathon on this awesome camping trailer for the good folks at Green Woods Roots & Culture Revival. Had to go for it with the New England Autumn Camouflage color palette. Good times! Thanks for making this happen Dom!

Check out the full walk-around video on my Instagram Page. Can't wait to see this thing rolling!


Shadovvs : Blueprints.

My previous post got a nice response & some questions about what exactly is going on there. To clarify, pictured here are some of the blueprints from this new SHADOVVS series of extruded works. Surf down my feed a little ways to see the final pieces assembled & painted white. My process with this type of work differs greatly from other chapters of my work that celebrate more spontaneous approaches. Each of these pieces is meticulously designed on the computer in many layers (indicated here in different shades) & then machine-cut, puzzled together, glued & painted. Working this way ensures an exact fit for every shape & allows for more complexity than if I were attempting to build these in a woodshop with rulers & saws.

Embracing new technologies has always been an important part of my creative process. I look forward to exploring further with cnc & lasers. Stay tuned :)


Shadovvs : Laser-Cut Knockouts.

Laser-Cut Knockouts from my most recent Shadovvs Series. I manually nested all of these for the zapper & then randomly stacked them up to arrive at this interesting shadow-box-esk relief. I love how the scraps from sculpture projects can often be reconfigured into something new, and once in a while, something worth looking at.


Reone : Precision Collision.

& another fun Saturday session! 1/2 way thru this freestyle I decided to let it live at the 1/2 way point of my original multi-layer vision of complexity. These years I find myself gravitating more towards simple & sweet when rocking these letterform paintings for fun. Still striving to explore new & novel approaches style-wise, reflecting back on all the walls over the years, re-evaluating strengths & weaknesses in each chapter of experiments & ultimately re-realizing that I can easily over-do-it & have the pieces strongest moment be lost with more & more renovations. >> LETTERFORM ARCHIVE <<


2018 World Tour : Matt W. Moore X Rémy Martin VSOP.


Rémy Martin has teamed up with Matt W. Moore to rethink the way we see the world. Going beyond mere packaging, the American artist has created a new graphical language for the Rémy Martin VSOP universe. Check out the augmented reality iPhone App – Remy Martin ARt For iPhone.  

Inspired by the Cognac environment, Moore introduces a realm of discovery, blending natural elements like grapes and leaves and even revisiting Rémy Martin’s cherished centaur logo, prominently outstretched in geometric splendor. The Rémy Martin VSOP Limited Edition bottle together with a gift box is available at major retail and duty free points worldwide. Online Orders > ReserveBar.com

Great times in NYC for the official launch of this collaboration on National Cognac Day!

Designing this 4-panel panorama for the gift box was super fun. Packaging design exists in three dimensions, so there are many great ways for 2D artwork to come to life and be displayed. For example a row of these boxes in-store, each rotated to reveal the continuous design. And the way the gold foil and spot varnish catch the light from different angles. The design brainstorm and collaborative process was a lot of fun too. Thanks Team Rémy! First we established the key elements to include in the abstract landscape: grape bunches, vineyard rows, leaves, sunburst, raindrops, cycle of the seasons, and of course the Rémy Martin centaur logo, all blending together harmoniously. Then I took this library of assets and composed a bunch of different tailor fit scenarios for box, bottle, adverts, signage, basketball court, and beyond.

Moscow was a blast! Great to see old friends and party with new friends. Spasiba for the warm welcome. 

 XXL Remy Martin Centaur statue for the big party!

Nice Q&A with GQ Russia about this collaboration and The ARt App. Google Translation HERE. 

London Remy Martin Team! Such a fun tour around the city, in-store at Selfridges, and sunset party!

Selfridges London window display was surreal. Dozens of layers floating in space. Awesome!

Although the Remy Martin 2018 ARt Tour officially started in June, we did create quite a big splash at The W in Miami Beach for Art Basel in December :)

Johannesburg, South Africa knows how to party! Glad you enjoy :)

Especially fun to design this custom VSOP type treatment, and generously integrate metallic golds and spot varnishes 360º around box, label, and signage. 

And then Shanghai! My first time to China and I had a blast. BIG thanks to Team Rémy Martin and everyone who helped make this 2018 World Tour, the global launch of Limited Edition Bottles, and the ARt Augmented Reality App a big success. 18+ months of designing, collaborating, planning, prep, and touring. This was a dream project. I am grateful and honored. Cheers!