SHADOVVS : Mandala Series 2022.

I’ve been having a blast working on a new series of 3D works. For this collection I focused on organic symmetries & designed each almost entirely with groovy curved lines. Each was painted with just one matte color to allow the lighting & shadows to enhance the dimensionality. I’ve done the best I can to document the final works & some of the process too, but as with all 3D artworks these are best experienced IRL. I was pleasantly surprised to realize the acrylic sheets I used for the cuts are in fact only semi-opaque & when lit up each tier of the design takes on a different shade. Definitely something I will be experimenting more with in future works. I really enjoy creating these 3D works & I am always searching for opportunities to bring them to life for XL installations. *Surf thru my recently updated website to see all past #Shadovvs work.


MWM X LandYachtz 2022.

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with LandYachtz on a collection of new skateboard designs. The first one to drop is this fast & fun 28.5” ‘Dinghy Classic’ cruiser. It’s always a dream come true to have my designs featured on boards. Some of my earliest memories of deciding to be a graphic artist were inspired by my love of this culture & all the rad artworks that are showcased on the gear. I’m super grateful for all of the opportunities over the years to design for skate, snow, surf, and streetwear. Big thanks to the LY crew. Stay tuned for more soon.


Recent Fan Art : Part 9.

It's been a while since my last post and I have a folder filling up with photos folks have emailed, @ & # tagged so there will be plenty more soon. Here are a bunch of recent projects that brought a smile to my face : ) *Archives : 8 + 7 + 6 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 .


B/W Symmetrics.

B/W Symmetrics – XL Giclée Prints now available in my shop. Framing options available. Archival quality fine art paper. Printed in USA. Shipping Worldwide.


Aquatic Camouflage : Bluescale Series.

Over the holidays I unplugged for a while & dove into this freeform exploration with paint & ink on panels. Conceptually this work is new twist on the organic flow of my past Tropical Camo & Bluescale works. Inspired by all things water, including ice (plenty of that around here these days). My initial doodles & early layers of paint looked like they could have been outer space satellite views of rivers/tributaries, magnified frozen puddles, or where my daydreams most often take me during wintertime, snorkeling adventures. Usually around this time of year I create a series of greyscale paintings & I still plan to before spring arrives. But this was a refreshing way to keep things monochromatic in a more uplifting way, playing with all the hues of the winter blues. Surf thru my portfolio to see plenty of past works in this organic style. Lots of fun!