Greyscale Prisms : Chapter 1.

A new series of B/W paintings exploring abstracted urban elements & skewed geometry. These compositions are different from my typical handmade work in a few ways. Each design is acknowledging & playing off the square frame of the canvas, rather than feeling like a snapshot of a bigger picture. I experimented with layering fast & rough wet painting techniques with more exact linework & details. Back & forth between different paint application styles, hairdryer in hand, I embraced the accidents, dialing up the raw energy, striving for balance between chance & precision. I committed to only using leftover materials from past projects & no spraypaint. The results were sometimes unexpected chemical reactions between old paints & inks. A bit of chipping & peeling occurred, but it fits the raw concrete vibe I was going for. I also further explored using almost exhausted rollers & sponges to achieve the semi-transparent stippling effect that I usually create with aerosol mist. I intend to continue refining & scale up this technique of non-toxic textured layering. As always, this B/W series was a satisfying hiatus from the digital design work I have been focused on in recent months.


Unplugged : 2020 Visions.

Unplugged #2O2OVlSlONS. Over the holidays I had fun rethinking & sketching a few favorites from this series in 3c greyscale. These are quite small & quick studies, made with black colored pencil & classic 2HB graphite pencil. The exciting part for me is to think about scaling up this approach, taking precise design blueprints & executing them XL with raw materials. ie. sponge mop on linen, or charcoal on cement. Finding new bridges between my digital & handmade work is always a goal.


2O2O : Year-In-Review.

View Full Collection2O2O Year-In-Review. Graphic endeavors from a challenging year. I’ve always known that creating art & design is a form of meditation/therapy for me & this year reminded me more than ever. Big thanks to everyone with whom I had the pleasure of collaborating with this year, the folks who purchased & commissioned works, friends & fam who gathered around campfires & zoom sessions. Much respect to all the scientists, medical workers, frontliners, protesters, voters, & everyone else who is out there doing the right things. Cheers to The Future.


Fortune Magazine : 2021 Investors Guide.

Another fun full-page editorial illo for Fortune Magazine ‘2021 Investors Guide’. The goal was to capture the vertigo vibe of this rollercoaster year & optimistically look forward to a better future. The article highlights some of the more promising biz sectors for next year. Grab a copy at newsstands now or surf thru their website to check it out. Thanks Fortune Magazine! Always a pleasure.


Daydream Park.

Aerial Blueprint for a project I began thinking about & sketching earlier this year. Daydreaming about lifesize integration of my graphic vocabulary in city parks. IRL 360º w/ stone masonry, landscaping, trees, shrubs, benches, security posts, & cast iron tree rings (something I have dreamed about designing for as long as I can remember). My goal is to continue thinking & concepting these types of in-situ realizations in hopes to one day be involved with bringing them to life. Introductions to city planners & tips for RFP opportunities in this realm are much appreciated.


Core Deco : 6-Color Jacquard Loom Test.

Testing jacquard loom for a new 6-color monochrome CORE DECO collection.


Blur Transfer Experiment.

Sometimes the leftover scraps from an experiment turn out to be more interesting than the artwork itself. For me this is one of those cases. This paper towel was soaked with water & pressed against a drawing I made on watercolor paper with cheapo magic markers. After getting saturated I then pressed the original against a new piece of paper in an attempt to make a softer & more painterly impression. I didn’t really know what would happen but I figured it would be fun (slide # 2). It was : ) but I still like the og paper towel the most. Much more loose than my natural tendencies & def something I will explore further.