My New Book – MWM : Diagonal Thinking.

VERY excited for this. It's finally ready! Volume #1 of my new book series - MWM : Diagonal Thinking. An 88-page softcover book filled with Black & White images. My Art, Design, Illustrations, Murals, Graffiti, Patterns, Adventures, Discoveries, and Studio Process.
A few pages. LOTS more where these came from! Click-Zoom.
Think of it as a 2010 MWM Image Autobiography Time Capsule :)
Limited Run of 500 Books. Published By : Knuckle Sandwich Press (2010). Signed & Numbered & Dated. 88-pages. 8" X 8". Black & White. Superb Quality Digital Printing. 27 Bucks. Free Shipping.

ROJO NOVA : Week #3 Video.

Check my painting process at the 3:00 mark of this ROJO NOVA Week #3 Video. Artists in this video : Yusk Imai, Lucy McRae, Koen Delaere, Matt W. Moore, and Momo. Also check out the Week #2 Video, and the Week #1 Video. And stay tuned for videos of the next 4 weeks too. Can't wait to see what everyone creates in/on/around the museum walls! *View : Big Blue Brazil. Mural Process Slideshow.


Big Blue Brazil : Mural Process.

Had a blast on this one! View from the bottom of stairs. Click-Zoom.
And here's the view around the corner from the top. Click-Zoom.
MURAL PROCESS SLIDESHOW. Stay tuned to the ROJO NOVA Website for all current news on this Magical MIS Museum Festival. Good times. Huge honor. Obrigado meus amigos em São Paulo!



Big Art. Big City.

Back to Brazil this week to create BIG Art in ROJO NOVA Festival at the MIS Museum in the heart of São Paulo. I'll be working an on-site Installation/Mural all week. Real excited for this. Check out the full NOVA Artist Line-up. Also check out photos of my trip to São Paulo last summer for my exhibition at POP Gallery - MWM : Parallel Universe. And check out this Mega-Mural I designed that was painted last Fall in downtown SP. Big thanks to ROJO for making all three of these dreams become reality. Stay tuned.



Angular Ambigrams.

This was a fun one. JPEOPLE Magazine from Berlin commissioned me to design an Ambigram to be used for their next issue. I also designed the cover, but I'll leave that as a surprise for when it hits the newsstands. Thanks Guys! Click-Zoom.
The process of sketching an Ambigram is a fun challenge. Kinda like playing chess against oneself, with the goal being a tie game. This project inspired me to think of more ways to apply these ideas in my other endeavors. Just imagine a graffiti piece in front of a canal, with the reflection echoing the word again, right side up. That'll be fresh!


France Mural Tour : Slideshow.

MWM : France Mural Tour 2010 Slideshow. Behind the scenes shots of my process painting the 3 Murals in Marseille, Lyon, and Paris. Stay Tuned in the coming weeks for the Stop-Motion Music Video that animates the evolution and convergence of the 3 Walls. Enjoy!


Rockin' In The Lab. Part 2.

Rockin' In The Lab.

Currently working on a new series of paintings on Telecaster Guitars and Effects Pedals. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see the series evolve. *Pictured is a "work-in-progress" shot of one of the guitar bodies after a a few layers of paint. Lots more detail to come.

MWM X Iconoclast.

I recently had the pleasure of working with the new street-level fashion line : Iconoclast (London). Pictured is one of the graphics I designed for their first season. *Full preview of the entire line in a few weeks.
This technique of mutating typography was a blast to explore. Especially since I do a lot of graphic design that is rigid, calculated geometry. It's a refreshing change of pace to have projects that require me to spend time with a pencil in hand before the computer lab.


2004 Flashback : Freeform Flow.

It's always a trip for me to see paintings I did back in the day. While in Boston this past weekend visiting with my hometown friends, I was hyped to see a bunch of my paintings from the late 90's and early 00's on display in their homes.
Seeing these in person really brings me back to that point in my life and career as an artist. Back in 02-05 I was painting lots of Graffiti, and translating that energy and vibe into my studio work without being cliché. Hence, no letterforms. I was learning Design Software in college, and striving to be mindful of balance, flow, and composition.
It was a really exciting time. My Art was vibing off of my Graffiti, and vice-versa. My knowledge of Design was informing my Art, and vice-versa. Shortly after this prolific phase of studio painting I shifted my focus more towards the digital "Vectorfunk" illustration I've become known for in recent years. But the momentum of this organic, psychedelic, hand-painted style is still alive and well.
I'm excited to revisit this type of painting and blend it with some of the other techniques I've been pushing in the past few years. Range is Conducive to Growth. Believe that! Click-Zoom.


Featured : Fast Company #147.

One of the three MWM 20/20 Skateboards is featured in the new issue of Fast Company Magazine in the article : Keepsake Skateboards Produce Brand Impressions. Honored to be showcased alongside Tony Hawk, Andy Warhol, and Alien Workshop. Thanks Guys!
These boards are still available in my Online Store for $55 each. Grab one or grab all three. Great quality decks. Definitely shred-worthy. Or hang the series on your wall and reminisce on when you had resilient knees and ankles ;) The artwork is from the MWM : 20/20 Exhibition at ROJO Barcelona in May 2008. Click-Zoom.