Mega-Mural. São Paulo, Brazil.

I posted a photo of this MWM-Mega-Mural being painted in Sao Paulo, Brazil a couple weeks ago. Here's a shot of the finished production. It is part of a bigger ROJO project called Urban Stage Sao Paulo. Interesting backstory too... A few years ago the city completely banned Outdoor Advertising. No Billboards. No Bus Stops. Nada. But Street Art thrives in Sao Paulo, so ROJO coordinated a "Public Art Intervention" with 7 Artists (Tony de Marco, Eltono, Ovni, Nuria Mora, Superblast, Tofer, and Myself) creating artworks that were painted Extra-Large throughout the city. I can't wait to return to SP and see it in real life. Cheers to ROJO for constantly raising the bar! Click-Zoom.
*View the Original Painting from my Parallel Universe Series.