2004 Flashback : Freeform Flow.

It's always a trip for me to see paintings I did back in the day. While in Boston this past weekend visiting with my hometown friends, I was hyped to see a bunch of my paintings from the late 90's and early 00's on display in their homes.
Seeing these in person really brings me back to that point in my life and career as an artist. Back in 02-05 I was painting lots of Graffiti, and translating that energy and vibe into my studio work without being cliché. Hence, no letterforms. I was learning Design Software in college, and striving to be mindful of balance, flow, and composition.
It was a really exciting time. My Art was vibing off of my Graffiti, and vice-versa. My knowledge of Design was informing my Art, and vice-versa. Shortly after this prolific phase of studio painting I shifted my focus more towards the digital "Vectorfunk" illustration I've become known for in recent years. But the momentum of this organic, psychedelic, hand-painted style is still alive and well.
I'm excited to revisit this type of painting and blend it with some of the other techniques I've been pushing in the past few years. Range is Conducive to Growth. Believe that! Click-Zoom.