360º Series : Chapter 1.


I’ve enjoyed working on this new series of mandala designs in my free time between other projects for the past year. I am happy to now share the results of my most in-depth and refined graphic exploration yet.

My goal was to create as many different unique vector mandalas as I could with a few key parameters: Each would be limited to a 6-color palette to enable future applications in textile, tapestries, rugs, stonework, etc. I endeavored for each to have a strong presence at any scale, whether screen sized, or supersized as a marble floor (dream big, right?). Essentially the same overall concept for each one, harmonious complexity and balanced symmetry. But always a different path to the result, referencing my decades of exploring and evolving my own visual vocabulary. 

After quite a deep dive I reached the point where I felt more than satisfied with the fleet, having arrived at over 40 designs that naturally fit into 4 distinct chapters. But I did not feel finished with working on this series. I then zoomed back into each one to create a family of extracted elements, variations, alternates, repeat patterns, blueprints, and 2c versions. A similar process to how I often approach branding assignments, building the primary image first and then creating peripheral material directly from it, in the end arriving at a memorable and cohesive 360º story. 

For my entire life I have been drawn to, and loved to draw, complex mandalas. This type of exploration truly is a form of meditation for me. I find myself fully focused on staying centered, balancing the elements, simultaneously concentrated on the big picture and the finest details. This past year my personal artwork focus, or should I say my graphic target practice, was deep in this vectorfunk world, and I had a blast :)

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Thanks for checking out Chapter 1 of my new 360º Mandalas Series! Stay tuned in the coming months for Chapters 2, 3, and 4. I hope you enjoy! 
Framed Giclée Prints > https://mwmgraphics.com/store.html