SHADOVVS : Mandala Series 2022.

I’ve been having a blast working on a new series of 3D works. For this collection I focused on organic symmetries & designed each almost entirely with groovy curved lines. Each was painted with just one matte color to allow the lighting & shadows to enhance the dimensionality. I’ve done the best I can to document the final works & some of the process too, but as with all 3D artworks these are best experienced IRL. I was pleasantly surprised to realize the acrylic sheets I used for the cuts are in fact only semi-opaque & when lit up each tier of the design takes on a different shade. Definitely something I will be experimenting more with in future works. I really enjoy creating these 3D works & I am always searching for opportunities to bring them to life for XL installations. *Surf thru my recently updated website to see all past #Shadovvs work.