Aquatic Camouflage : Bluescale Series.

Over the holidays I unplugged for a while & dove into this freeform exploration with paint & ink on panels. Conceptually this work is new twist on the organic flow of my past Tropical Camo & Bluescale works. Inspired by all things water, including ice (plenty of that around here these days). My initial doodles & early layers of paint looked like they could have been outer space satellite views of rivers/tributaries, magnified frozen puddles, or where my daydreams most often take me during wintertime, snorkeling adventures. Usually around this time of year I create a series of greyscale paintings & I still plan to before spring arrives. But this was a refreshing way to keep things monochromatic in a more uplifting way, playing with all the hues of the winter blues. Surf thru my portfolio to see plenty of past works in this organic style. Lots of fun!