Greyscale Prisms : Chapter 2.


Stacking layers. Over & over. Each painting from this series received this treatment 20+ times, with dozens of shapes added in each new pass. It became somewhat of a repetitive meditation, but to keep it interesting I intentionally did not plan my next actions or sketch anything out. It was more enjoyable to spontaneously approach each new layer as an opportunity to enhance the balance & implied dimensionality. The canvas in this timelapse is not yet in its final form, it’s only about ~70% completed. The funny (*pronounced crazy) part is that it actually takes longer to make the tiny stripes than it does to make the same amount of larger shapes. But for me these strokes are what really make the work jump off the surface. 4 shades of matte latex grey. Painted entirely with foam rollers & many rolls of 3M Scotch Painters Tape.