Greyscale Prisms : Chapter 1.

A new series of B/W paintings exploring abstracted urban elements & skewed geometry. These compositions are different from my typical handmade work in a few ways. Each design is acknowledging & playing off the square frame of the canvas, rather than feeling like a snapshot of a bigger picture. I experimented with layering fast & rough wet painting techniques with more exact linework & details. Back & forth between different paint application styles, hairdryer in hand, I embraced the accidents, dialing up the raw energy, striving for balance between chance & precision. I committed to only using leftover materials from past projects & no spraypaint. The results were sometimes unexpected chemical reactions between old paints & inks. A bit of chipping & peeling occurred, but it fits the raw concrete vibe I was going for. I also further explored using almost exhausted rollers & sponges to achieve the semi-transparent stippling effect that I usually create with aerosol mist. I intend to continue refining & scale up this technique of non-toxic textured layering. As always, this B/W series was a satisfying hiatus from the digital design work I have been focused on in recent months.