Studio Magic Tricks.

I've had a great response to the posts I've been doing that showcase the Materials, Tools, and Supplies (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5) that I frequently use in my Painting Studio. Here are a couple more things I've been enjoying lately. Pictured above is an XL Compass for making huge circles. After years of tracing bowls and plates for perfect circles this was a great addition to my tool collection. You can even put a blade in for cutting exact circle stencils. Rad!
This "Classic Loop" works great for many things, especially cutting organic shape stencils. It's like having a pizza cutter in the box cutter drawer. Very useful for certain projects.
And finally, the secret stash of many fine artists, an Art-O-Graph Projector. Sure I went to Art School and learned how to sketch stuff super realistic with dozens of layers of ghost pencil lines and eraser marks. But when it comes to painting true portraits this thing saves a lot of time and headaches. Great way to translate an intricate napkin doodle to a huge canvas without losing exact proportions.