MWM X LERK : Shawnee Peak Mural Marathon.

5 long days braving the elements (It snowed last night) and 130 cans of spraypaint later... Our Mural Marathon at Shawnee Peak Snowboard Terrain Park is finally complete!
We were commissioned by Shawnee to paint murals on all of the different features in their popular terrain park. The Wall Ride, Down Rail, Rainbow Box, Whale Tail, A-Frame, and C-Boxes all got laced with our collaborative, layering process of vibrant abstract painting.
Lerk and I have collaborated on a bunch of stuff over the years, check this Highway Underpass we rocked on earlier this year.
Our process is truly a freestyle collaboration, with no blueprints or designated areas. Lots of different techniques. Click for Zooms.
For this project that included 16 large surfaces, we would work on our own stuff for a while and then moved on to a new spot. Once we had covered everything with abstract compositions, we went back around adding more layers on top of each others stuff.
The end result is a perfect example of 1 + 1 = 3. Super fun project!
Can't wait to shred this park in a few weeks the mountain opens.
SLIDESHOW : Big Photos of the end results, details, and process.