Paris Mural : Le Finale.

Boom. MEGA. Definitely the tallest Mural I've ever painted. 4 very long days. Really excited with how it came together. The 3 Murals are in 3 different cities, but they are actually one big interlocking piece in the end. The Marseille Mural builds from the left (Hot Colors & Geometry) and the Lyon Mural builds from the right (Cold Colors and Organic Flow) and they meet here in Paris and blend together on this wall. The two waves meet with equal force, but different aesthetics, and splash all the way up here on this wall. It will be an amazing build in the Video that drops in a couple weeks! Click-Zoom.
This wall was a fun challenge in many ways. Most of the time I was painting way up on a Cherry Picker, and I couldn't see much of the wall from up there. Imagine painting a big canvas 3 inches from your face. My process evolved into a Chess Strategy. I'd go to the ground, step back, plot my next 10 moves, and return to the air. It was a blast.
Here's a bird's eye view from the top. Sky High YO!