New Scientist : Cover & Feature Art.

Check out the current issue of New Scientist Magazine (UK) to see a bunch of wild illustrations I worked on. The Feature Article explores Quantum Theory and all of the epic weirdness that comes along with it : Wave-Particle Duality + Quantum Zeno Effect + Casimir Effect + Elitzur-Vaidman Bomb + Entanglement + Aharanov-Bohm Effect + Miracle Matter. Really heady stuff. I'm honored that they chose me to visually depict these concepts. Dream content for any Abstractionist! I spent quite a while bookworming over at Wikipedia before even thinking about picking up a pencil or clicking a mouse.
Thanks again to the good folks at New Scientist. This was a blast to work on. Click-Zoom to see Article/Illustrations full-screen.
*My previous NSM works : Supersymmetry & Hadron Collider.