Wired 18.05 : Illustration Process.

I recently had the pleasure of working with the Great Folks at WIRED Magazine on this B/W Editorial Illustration for their article "Every Day They Rewrite The Book". I've scanned the art and article big so you can read it here. Essentially it is about how Kindle eBooks can be updated/revised after you've purchased them. Kinda awesome. Kinda scary, No? The Future is ~ Different. Click-Zoom. *Also check out my past work with Wired : 17.08 Full-Pager & Various 2008 Jams.
V1 : Occasionally I like to share a Behind-The-Scenes look at the evolution of a piece that underwent considerable revisions, and became much stronger thanks to a great Art Director. Above is my first shot at the visual narrative of the story (Read it and it will make more sense). I was psyched with it, but it just kept getting better!
V2 : More "Flowy Info", Less cluttered, Less boxy, More like my 2007 Sticks & Bricks piece that was referenced. Kindle centered with Skeleton Key. Bulls Eye more prominent. Getting better...
V3 : Ever more action and implied "Info" zigging and zagging through. Wider and more fluffed out, but not boxed in. Hinting at 3D in some spots and portraying some frequencies getting into the Kindle while others don't make it in. Even got a nice big Arrow in there. It's a wrap! Thanks Margaret & Co. Huge honor, as always. Click-Zoom.