MWM X Ray Ban : Wayfarer Shades.

After 8 months of designing, refining, prototyping, and executing.. I am VERY pleased to share with you : MWM X Ray Ban Rare Prints Wayfarers :) There are a bunch of different parts of this collaboration, so the following posts will explain. Pictured above is the Poster/Print Ad I designed to celebrate the shades.
The lead style from the 3 model series. Party time! Excellent!
We went through two dozen different patterns and colorways before reaching this full color Hyper-Geometry jam. Everyone is really psyched with them. They've been selling out of stores already. Summer Twenty-Ten is a serious thing.
Here's a more incognito style with the graphic on the inside of the frames. Wild things happening in your peripheral, low-key on the outside. Rayban Wayfarers are so classic! Big UP to the good folks at Cutwater SF and Luxottica Italy. This is a dream collaboration, and everything was executed flawlessly. Thanks!