Crystals & Lasers : Mega Mural.

Last week I got busy on this MEGA GeoFunk Mural on an elementary school across the street from Since Gallery (211 rue Saint-Maur. Paris, France). I'm hyped with how it turned out, and the community of the 10th District of Paris, young and old, are really feeling it too. That's what's up! Geometry is a universal language, and bangin' color is crucial during the cold grey winters here (It snowed last night!). BIG Thanks to the Mayor of the 10th District for the green light on this one, Alexandre & Laurent for coordinating and assisting, and everyone else who came through and said "Whoa!" Stay tuned for a timelapse animation of the entire mural process, a video, and a bunch of behind the scenes photos from my art laboratory here in Paris. I am having so much fun, and it shows in the artwork. YES. Click-Zoom.