MWM : ALPHAFONT 4.0 - HypeForType.

VERY excited to announce, after months of design, finesse, and prep, MWM : ALPHAFONT 4.0 is now available over at HypeForType. It just launched tonight as part of HFT's Exclusive Typefaces Volume #2 : Non-Format, Suprb, Research Studios, MWM Graphics, and Richard Perez. Volume #1 : Si Scott, Alex Trochut, Hellohikimori, Jon Burgerman, and Luke Lukas. Swing through and Check the Set!
*Type Nerd Factoid : Whatchaknowabout The Quick Brown Fox?
As many of you already know, each year I create a new typeface for my ongoing Alphafont Series. This is the first one that you can actually buy and use as a font. *Please let me know where Alphafont 4.0 is used. Email pics. Can't wait to see where it turns up! View Alphafont 3.0 (2008) + Alphafont 2.0 (2007) + Alphafont 1.0 (2006).
You're just three clicks away from installing ALPHAFONT 4.0. Do it!
Here's a little taste of my process of constructing the typeface. Every letter-form started as a solid block with consistent break lines. It was a lot of fun trying to figure new ways to tweak out each letter, while remaining unique, consistent, balanced, and legible.
Head on over to HypeForType and check out The Typesetter. Type in a message... Your Name, Your Girl's Name, Whatevs. It's like a test drive. *Just make sure you buy a copy if you plan on doing any commercial work with my typeface. BIG thanks to Alex Haigh for having me along for this special HFT V.2. It's a huge honor to be featured alongside such Heavyweights and Legends. Enjoy!