MWM X Almond : The 4 Elements Series.

I am very excited to share news of my latest product collaboration: MWM X Almond : The 4 Elements Series. We've been working all Summer on this set of Almond Lumberjack Long Surfboards. When the boards arrived last week I was floored, they look and feel amazing.
After brainstorming and sketching, I set out to create artwork that celebrates Nature, The Cycles of The Sea, Symmetry, Balance, and The 4 Elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Air). Much of what I’ve seen from the awesome history of Surf Art is quite organic and toned down, so I decided to dial it up a notch with the colorways, while still maintaining a grounded vibe. *These Boards will get noticed at the beach!
Big Thanks to Almond Surfboards and Corduroy Boutique. It has been an honor to work with all of you on this project. Definitely a highlight of my Summer. More Photos/Info/Sales. Click-Zoom.
"In ancient times, considerable note was made of understanding The 4 Elements, for these were considered the building bricks of the Universe, and hence many believed that these were also part of the basic structure of themselves." - J. Shell 1981