Fast Forward. Crystals & Lasers.

Good Times painting the back wall of The Asylum today. Click-Zoom.
I couldn't make up my mind on what style to rock. Maybe this, or this, or perhaps that, or what about an oldie? And then I remembered this sketch I did back in June while I was in Brazil. That Futurefunk!
Big Bro Rich getting hizzigh izzup. *Completed photo soon. Big up to Esko and Ferby. Inspirational to see what the next generation is cooking up. And it is always an honor to paint next to King Learn.
They say you're supposed to swap filters every 8 hours. Ha! How about every 3 months? Better than nothing. Believe that. There's this "cool guy" mentality with graffiti cats about not wearing a respirator. But I assure you, it's not like a bike helmet that maybe will save you. If you paint without a mask, for many years, you will have serious issues in your brain. Look at these things after 3 months. Be smart.