MWM: Alphafont 2.0

Alphafont 1.0 was a type project I did back in 2006. I created a library of hand drawn, funky type that I later used in various projects. My original ambitious plan was to link with a code-guru and actually dial in Alphafont 1.0, so each time you hit a letter you would get a different version of it. This way, a full typed page would have very minimal letterform repetition. Well... I slept on that one and never followed through with it. But I have been grinding away on this "Alphafont 2.0" since February. Definitely psyched about how it turned out. Has a bit of the vibe from MWM Xacto and MWM Crenshaw.Fellow typography nerds... Feel free to download the MWM Alphafont 2.0 Desktop Wallpaper. (*Absolutely NOT for commercial use, altering, sampling...). Enjoy! Click-Zoom.