Featured. Colorful Illustration Book.

This is a bit bittersweet... I had no knowledge that I would be in this massive 350-page book published by Azur in Japan. Even worse, Darren the founder of LCSV4.com had no involvement in this book, Colorful Illustration... And it's all his content! The publisher literally farmed the material for this book from the LCSV4 website "verbatim", without any permission. I am pleased to be featured, and at least they credited me and my business name... but they definitely crossed a line, and should be put on blast for thievery. Check Darren's post here and a full preview of the copy/paste book here. I guess this is the first time I am feeling the burn that musicians have been dealing with for the last ten years. Definitely a double-edged sword. Click-Zoom.