Gravity Series : Preview # 1.

Gravity Series : Avant-Première # 1.
I've been having a lot of fun here in Paris working on a new series of canvases for my exhibition "GRAVITY" at Since Gallery. BIG Thanks to my friends Laurent & Alexandre for having me back for another residency! The show opens on April 27th (More info soon). This series of work is an evolution from the purely geometric abstractions from my past few exhibitions : Sun Ray Ricochet (Moscow 2011) + XYZ Axis (Cincinnati 2011) + Crystals & Lasers (Paris 2010) + Parallel Universe (Sao Paulo 2009) + 20/20 (Barcelona 2008). I have been blending in more organic cosine snap-lines and circles, echoing my current push towards more robust compositions (2012 Murals + 2011 Murals). I feel like I am beginning an exciting new chapter of canvas painting, returning to ideas from Past Work with fresh eyes and new techniques. It has been years since I was so excited, so curious, about how canvas paintings would take shape. Stay tuned for much more...