France Mural Tour : The Dream Team.

Big UP to the Walls Are Dancing France Crew! For the past 3 weeks while I've been on my Mural Marathon (Marseille, Lyon, Paris) painting like a mad man, these folks have been working around the clock to make sure the production ran seamlessly. We had Rain, Bullet Trains, 160 Gallons of Paint, a Cherry Picker and Ladders, a Dozen High-Tech Cameras shooting Still and Video. We had Great Meals, Drinks, and Laughs. We had Pranks and Jokes. I learned some more French and taught these guys a few things about American Slang. We had Challenges and Solutions. We had a lot of FUN! *Credits - Paint Sponsor : Dulux Valentine. Agency : BETC. Film Agency : Cosa. Film Crew : Le Groupuscule. Logistics : Since. Web : Upian. Music : Monsieur Monsieur. 3 Murals : Your's Truly.
My end of this Trifecta Collaboration is done now. The Murals are painted, the Visuals are completed. Now it is time for The DJ and The Film Crew to chop up all of their footage (~1/2 Million Stop Motion Photos. Ha!) and sync some fresh Music to the Video. In the end we'll have one hell of a 3 Mural Timelapse Music Video. Stay tuned!