The Future of The Internet.

How's that for a bold Blog Post Title? Haha. Unfortunately, I don't have all the answers. But I do have some theories as to how, and why, things will evolve in the near future. So, we all remember MySpace (RIP). It was the first DIY personal webpage builder. Everyone had one. They were for everyone, and especially awesome for bands to share music. It was a Wild-Wild-Web of Interconnectivity and Social Networking. But it was too much at once and got tainted fast. Then Facebook. The clean, friendly, honest (sort of), professional hub of the Social Web. Still for everyone, but more refined. Then services and communities like Behance started to pop up. Very niche. Very specialized. Very easy to meet and interact with everyone in The World that is into the same exact stuff. Oh, you're an Ice Sculptor in Sweden, well now you can sync with an Ice Sculptor in Thailand. Fantastic! Portfolio Networks like Behance exist for ALL niche communities now. That's pretty cool. Small World. Add Flickr, Blogger, Last FM, Tumblr, and Wordpress in the mix. Next comes Twitter. The A-Bomb of "What are you doing now?". Even in it's infancy, Twitter is fascinating on every level. I wont be surprised if in 5 years there are people walking around with camera headbands, mics, and ear buds 24/7 (This will be my cue to move further north into Deep Maine). Anyways, the point of this rant is : Until now, there have been very few attempts to pool all of our individual "Internet Things" into one place. One URL. Today I learned about Flavors.me and within 20 minutes I had MWM360.com up and running. One website with My Twitter Stream, My Blog Feed, My Flickr Pool, and My Facebook Wall. Flavors represents an interesting evolutionary step in the Social Web. Like a spider at dawn, when hundreds of individual strings come together and the web takes shape. Bookmark : MWM360.com