For the Ladies.

Last Summer I had the pleasure of working with SPORTSGIRL (Australia) on a special "Collectors Cosmetic Kit" called Unfold & Be Bold. I must admit, I was a bit uneasy at first (Afterall, I am all about keepin' it real to the maximum). Well, after about 2 or 3 seconds of pondering, and a few correspondences with the Ausi Ladies at Sportsgirl, I was on board (I'll deal with the noogies from my graffiti homies later. Ha!). If I knew anything about make-up, I'd tell you what comes in this special bundle. I suppose if you know anything about make-up, you can already tell from the photo. LOTS! Click-Zoom.
BIG Thanks to the ladies at Sportsgirl. The set looks fantastic. Amazing attention to detail on the printing/packaging. You've exposed my art to a whole new audience : Beautiful Australian Ladies. I can dig it!