Friday Flashback : 2004 Vectorfunk.

Friday Flashback : 2005 Vectorfunk.

For this week's blast from the past I surfed all the way back to the oldest vector graphics in my archives. Pictured here is one (of 3) from Vectorfunk Series # 1, my first explorations using Adobe Illustrator to make artworks with the same type of layering process I was using when creating hand-painted work. This one was called 'Computer Crasher' because it was such a robust file it crashed my computer (a mini mac) dozens of times before being completed. Reflecting on this piece, and picking apart all of the layers, I am reminded of the freedom and curiosity I felt at that time, with an entirely new toolbox at my fingertips. I am inspired once again to try and forget everything I have learned and make some raw experiments like this now with vectors. A new stem growing from an old branch. View All 3 and Entire Vectorfunk Chapter.