Designing Graphics.

Every designer has a different strategy for conceiving, rendering, and finessing their creations. Some folks pick a direction and spend days refining one image. Others know exactly what they're going to do before they begin. My process is somewhere between the two. I often set parameters for an exploration and create a healthy set of options within that theme. I've found that this approach yields unique and unexpected results I hadn't initially thought of. As I surf through my archive of recent work there are countless alternate versions of designs. It's like an iceberg of 10% visible and 90% hidden. Pictured above is a Glyph Cue tee graphic that didn't make the final cut. The one that was selected is even better (Stay tuned for S/S 2011 Line). I think I'll start a new series of posts here that showcase more behind-the-scenes and before/after renders. It's an important part of the game, and it's fun to share work that wouldn't otherwise be seen. I've also been doing lots of "Work In Progress" previews on my Twitter and Twitpic lately as well.