MWM X Gravis FW09.

A few years back I had the pleasure of working with Gravis Footwear on a series of Textile Graphics, Patches, and Faux-Knit Patterns for their Fall/Winter 2009 Expedition Series. On Friday while we were in Burlington, Vermont we stopped in to the Burton HQ and I got to see some of the gear for the first time. That's always a great feeling for me, standing there holding the product, reflecting on the project all the way from brainstorming to actualizing. I love my job!
Timeless and Rugged. Check out the Moose knit on the collar!
These ones are fun. My favorite of the patch graphics. The Igloo.
Here's the full Graphic Exploration. A proper Winter Wonderland of : Snowflakes, Icicles, Evergreens, Ropes, Knots, Mountains, Stars, Moose, and Knit Patterns. Lots of fun. BIG Thanks to the Gravis Crew! Stay tuned for more photos from this FW09 Series (Bags, Luggage, More Sneakers, Etc.) and a new MWM X Gravis Spring/Summer 2010 Line dropping soon! Click-Zoom.