10 Design Quotes : Visualized.

Last month I had the pleasure of working with longtime friends at Format Mag on this fun series - 10 Design Quotes : Visualized. Each Artist (Moxy, Brand Nu, 123 Klan, Si Scott, MCA, Justin Maller, Nick Bujnak, Gordon Reid, MWM Graphics, Rinzen) was asked to create a graphic to accompany a famous Art/Design quote. I was psyched to illustrate this Picasso scenario. Honest, Confident, and Timeless. Picasso is one of my heros. His ability to build and manage his personal brand (and prolifically make epic artwork) while he was alive is the reason why we all know his name now. The Business of Art. Real talk. Daps to Format, FreshBump, and all collaborators. It is a great set. Swing through and check it! Click-Zoom.