MWM X 2010 K2 Astar.

Very excited to share photos of the 2010 K2 Astar that I designed graphics for. The lead time for a project like this is mind blowing, I zipped the tech packs to the good folks at K2 over 18 months ago, and it has just dropped. They look amazing, and arrived here at my Studio just in time for *Severe Weather Season*. Hyped! Click-Zoom.
This graphic exploration was especially fun. K2 Cory and I cooked up a "4 Seasons Narrative" that celebrated Nature, Geometry, Pattern, Ziz-Zag-Flow, and four dedicated color palettes. In the end, some things changed, but the vibe is still alive. The Metallic Ink, Die-Cut Knockouts, and Hologram Detailing are next level.
I love how the tree is clear right down to the plywood. Brilliant!