※ GLYPH CUE. Fall/Winter 2009.

YES! After many months of hard work, GLYPH CUE FW09 Hoodies are here. The Website is updated, The Online Store is dialed, and Stockists will be receiving shipments next week. As with all of our lines, we have gone with a dedicated color palette, so FW09 is a celebration of Greens (SS09 was Blues, and SS10 will be ____). We kicked it up a notch and went with 4 Colors for each chest graphic, and an oversized left-wrist logo hit on each piece. The hoodies are super heavyweight to keep you warm as Autumn creeps in. And the graphics are next level, I am very pleased with how they turned out. True to our name "Glyph Cue" each design has a hidden narrative or cryptic message that requires you to spend a few minutes deciphering it. Really psyched! Swing through and check it out. And please tell your favorite local shop to be in touch so we can get on the racks at the best boutiques!
※ GLYPH CUE - MWM Mosaic. *My personal favorite.
※ GLYPH CUE - Solar System Map. *Yes... It's a Map!
※ GLYPH CUE - Chisel Ribbon. *Look close. G-L-Y-P-H-C-U-E.
※ GLYPH CUE - Clockwise Mandala. *Keep it moving forward.