2005 Flashback. B/W Bangers 2.

Autumn is definitely upon us, especially here in Maine with the vibrant foliage blazing across the landscape. I am really excited to begin work on my annual Black & White Series of Illustrations. This year will be MWM B/W B:6 (Black & White Bangers. Volume 6). In the last few weeks I've enjoyed flipping through my extensive Archive, and plotting on how I will approach this new series with a different narrative and new set of tools and supplies. It has always been, and always will be, 100% hand drawn/painted art. A way for me to continue exploring analog art and trying new things that I don't get to try in my other art and design endeavors. With each series, I intentionally limit myself to a unique set of supplies and consistent paper size. B/W Bangers 1 was strictly Sharpie on index cards. B/W Bangers 2 (Pictured above) was larger illustrations that forced me to figure out different ways to build texture and depth without shading. B/W Bangers 3 celebrated mixed wet/dry inks and paints. B/W Bangers 4 further explored these techniques and narrative. B/W Bangers 5 (Last Winter) was made with black and white inks and greyscale Prismacolor Markers. For Bangers 6 I am still undecided on the parameters. In an attempt to be different from the past few years, it will either be white ink/paint on black paper, OR I will return to the basics. A Pencil, an Eraser, 2 Sharpies, and a slew of new ideas. Stay tuned in the coming months for previews of the series as it evolves. It will be a blast! Click-Zoom.