Re-Built To Last.

A couple weeks back I dropped off a pile of damn-near-new Jackets and Hoodies with busted zippers to my tailor. I told her I wanted the best, the strongest, and the most gaudy zippers she could get. We went for huge military grade #10 zippers. Now they are up to par with the amazing technology (and price-point) of the jackets. *Why do companies skimp on zippers after making gear out of futuristic textiles? Either it is an honest mistake... Or a massive conspiracy to keep us buying new gear every fall. Hmmm.
I also brought in my favorite pair of Glacier Glasses to get new polarized lenses installed. The old black lenses were scratched and dusted with spraypaint. It was a surreal experience. I was standing there in the not-so-busy Mall at the custom clip-on kiosk watching a true craftsman assemble my upgraded goggles. Dremmel grinding and precise filing is way cooler than the sound of a register ringing. *These days it just feels right to Revamp instead of Re-Up on gear. And in the end, I now have some awesome custom gear that no one else has. And that's what style is all about for me anyways.