Asylum Jam.

The annual Asylum "Wall Of Fame" Graffiti Jam began this weekend with a beautiful blue-sky Saturday that defied the weather forecast. But today was a wash, so the production is still coming together. I'll prolly catch a few noogies for posting photos of the unfinished jam, but whatevs. It's looking fresh already. View 2008, 2007, and More.
I banged out this fluffy piece pretty quick. Not extra pleased with it, but I like the idea I was going for. This Summer I am focusing my letter-based pieces on a new deconstructed process that re-thinks the standard "Sketch. Fill. 3D. Outline. Inline. Force Field." I'm trying to figure out a new way to build up the letterforms without doing the cookie-cutter technique that we all love so much. So far, I haven't nailed one yet, but I am trying. Hopefully by August I will be slaying my five letters in a new way. Click-Zoom.