2003 Flashback. Student Work.

While scouring my external hard-drive for a document with Pantone mix ratios, I came across this poster I designed 6 years ago as a student. It is a bit embarrassing to show now, but the content is rad! Just try and ignore my design sensibility, typography choices, layout, massive signature... pretty much everything. Pay attention to the "info" not the "info-design". It is instructions on how to mix your very own "DIY Custom Spraypaint Colors". And yes, it definitely does work. I have personally made over 100 different hues. Everything from metallic pink (silver + pink), to almost-clear-blue (gloss + a hint of royal), and a dozen shades of grey (a range not available through any manufacturer). It is also a great way to augment cheapo paint. More bang for your buck, ya dig? *Warning: Wear goggles, gloves, and be prepared to not get the deposit back on your apartment. Click-Zoom.