Soon. Alphafont 3.0 Prints.

Back in 2006 I got hyper-focused on a series of typography explorations that I dubbed Alphafont 1.0. It was 100% hand-drawn and there were enough variations of each letter to create large blocks of type that had very few repeats. It was a really fun project. Fast forward to Fall 2007 and I got busy with Alphafont 2.0, a colorful "Vectorfunk" style set of the alphabet. These were alot of fun too. Each letter became very logo-esque. This winter I decided to take periodic breaks from my B/W B:5 series and grind on Alphafont 3.0. Bigger and badder than the previous abstract type explorations, this series is 26 square artworks, each showcasing a letterform with different color palettes and different stylistic vibes. Alphafont 3.0 is now at the printing press and will be available in a week or so as a set of (26) 6"x6" vibrant Indigo-Press digital prints. I will post a full preview of the set when it launches. For now, check out the A, B, and C. Click-Zoom.