Top Ten 2008. The Interweb.

Last year I put together a "Top Ten Artists of 2007" list for Format Mag. This year, I decided to drop my "Ten Favorite Websites of 2008". The Internet is like the Wild-West for information (and misinformation), syndication (and straight jocking), and endless amounts of inspirational, entertaining, and niche content. I definitely spend a fair amount of time surfing around and staying tuned in to art, design, fashion, politics, the world, etc. Here is a list of some of my current favorites that update their content everyday.
PSFK.com - First website I check with my morning coffee.
ffffound.com - Amazing. Go here and hit the "J" key 500 times.
SuperTouchArt.com - Best Art Website. Real opinions.
TheCoolHunter.net - Like reading magazines from 2009.
Juxtapoz.com - Lots of fresh "street-level" Art World news everyday.
Cpluv.com - Design, Illustration, Fashion, Advertising, Branding.
FormatMag.com - Blogs and Interviews with top culture-peneurs.
DesignYouTrust.com - Another great Design/Digital Art Website.
Hypebeast.com - The name says it all. "Street" to "Booshie".
ROJOmagazine.com - Curated magazines, books, galleries.