MWM Graphics Holiday Gift Guide.

A collection of MWM Graphics 2008 products, collaborations, and some of the new books I am featured in. Happy Holidays!1. "Cycles & Seasons 2009 Calendar Set". Limited-Run of 100.
2. "Shift 2009 Calendar". 12 international artists. Japan.
3. "Sweet Content 2009 Calendar". 12 international artists. Russia.4. "MWM Vectorfunk Book". Hardcover. 160-pages. Barcelona.
5. "MWM B/W B:4 Prints". Signed, Dated, Numbered (x/500).
6. "Lemon Poppy Seed Book". Amazing book published by Gestalten.
7. "ROJOgumbo & ROJOictus". Top-notch books.
8. "Vormator Book". Inspirational book of various designers.
9. "Playful Type Book". Unique Typography. International designers.10. "MWM X DeckPeck Skateboard Series". Shred 'em or hang 'em up.
11. "MWM X The Few Gallery Poster". Uber-Limited Run of 30.
12. "Burton Blunt 09 Snowboards". Bold graphic for the big snow.13. "Sacred Geometry & Alphafont 2.0 Posters". Vectorfunk classics!
14. "MWM X Woot Tee". Woot Collectors Edition.
15. "MWM X Tank Theory Tee". My favorite tee design yet!16. "MWM X Poketo Tee". For the girls YO. Metalic silver ink.
17. "MWM X Threadless Select". Glow-In-The-Dark.
18. "Navigate The Cosmos Posters". Low-key color. Crazy details.19. "MWM X Maxalot Amsterdam". Massive Wallpaper Collections.
20. "MWM X Zune Artist Series". Laser engraved MP3 Players.
21. "MWM B/W B:3 Posters". Only a few left. Ready for frames!