B:5 Series. Preview 7. Bang!

In 2003 when I started the "Black & White Bangers Series" I wasn't really thinking too far ahead, I was just having fun with it. Honestly, it did not occur to me that the name would make some people think of fireworks, while other people's minds went straight to XXX, and the UK blokes thought of sausages. I picked the name "Bangers" because at the time, my goal was to bang out as many small drawings as I could over the winter months. Since 2003, the monochrome series has become an annual tradition I have kept alive every year, and I plan to continue with a new instalment every winter for the rest of my life. For the last two years I have been trying to phase out the "banger" term and abbreviate each volume of the series to it's simplest title "MWM B/W B:5". But as with all re-branding projects, there is some resistance. Most people who have collected the books all along enjoy calling the series by it's original name. And I can't really blame them, it is more fun to say. Well, either way, this "bang" is for you. Click-Zoom.