Los Angeles. Part 2.

Today my homie Jack and I cruised all around the vast world of LA in search of fresh art, design, and fashion. Stopped in at Class Tradeshow to say what up to big bro Christopher Bevans. Always great to see Chris, his new line is top-notch. Class is a great tradeshow that showcases forward thinking brands on the green/sustainable push. Well done.Then we dipped back over to West Hollywood, the land of Flagship Retail Stores. Many of the top street-level fashion brands are represented here. Each has it's own unique retail experience. Supreme has a skate bowl instore. Alife merch is 100% behind glass walls. The Hundreds has a rad installation in the wall, kinda like an ant farm with miniature trees and such. Undefeated has an impressive array of fly footwear, mostly swooshes. I have endless respect for these brands, always ahead of the curve. Streetwear is alive and well in LA.