Bangers 3

I've officially started working on Black & White Bangers 3. It will be a square format book of my new ideas, aesthetics and mediums. Instead of limiting it to Sharpies like I did with One and Two, I'm going to really push it with every black and white mark-making tool I can find. Ink, paint, pencils, markers, spraypaint, whatevs... I'll probably do some jams that encorporate digital stuff too, but I'm pretty excited to be working on a series that gets me away from the computer.
These are the first four (hopefully I will do a healthy stack like last year). This is just the type of project that I'm happy to get stuck on as the Maine winter creeps in.
As my current work has been mostly B&W, I'm considering having my solo show at Sanctuary in April be all B&W. I think that'll be pretty wild.