Two new 12 x 48 Canvases : November 05

After spending the majority of my free time lately painting little mini-morsels of abstract funk, I decided to blast out a couple of larger pieces. I honestly enjoy working large and small equally. The satisfaction that I get from starting and finishing a small piece in the same day is very rewarding. Smaller work is obviously easier to sell, but more importantly, it is easier for collectors to obtain, hang and appreciate. My main goal is for my work to be seen and enjoyed. Working larger is a challenge for me for many reasons these days. My process is constantly interrupted by my life and work schedule. This makes it hard to keep a groove going between sessions. My studio is tiny too, with hardly enough room to move around and set up...Picture a shoe box with three shoes in it...This is my workspace right now. But the satisfaction that I get from looking over a big finished canvas is well worth it. I hope to soon have a studio big enough to work on canvases three times the size of these two. I am planning to spend the next three months focusing on larger, more elaborate work. I will also be doing another Bangers Zine of Sharpie drawings once the death-grip of winter has hit.
My Lab. Appropriately quarantined from the rest of our apartment. It is even more cluttered than it looks...