CORE DECO 2020 : Ceramic Tiles – Collection 2.

Core Deco 2020 : Ceramic Tiles Collection # 2. This set is comprised of three different designs (corners + sides + middles) that can be arranged in countless ways depending on your space & the look you are going for. Pictured here are just a few configurations. The original 3X3, extended borders 5X5, & repeating corners 4X4. Designing these to be flexible in-situ was a fun challenge. The patterns always sync whether it’s a small decorative square, stripe, or elaborate display on a big rectangular wall. Many different possibilities! Each tile is 6”x6”, sold in sets of 9, custom orders & alternate colorways available for large orders. Raw bisque tiles screen-printed & sealed in Portland, Maine USA by the good folks at Arm Factory. More Info & Sales >> www.CORE-DECO.com