Shadovvs : Blueprints.

My previous post got a nice response & some questions about what exactly is going on there. To clarify, pictured here are some of the blueprints from this new SHADOVVS series of extruded works. Surf down my feed a little ways to see the final pieces assembled & painted white. My process with this type of work differs greatly from other chapters of my work that celebrate more spontaneous approaches. Each of these pieces is meticulously designed on the computer in many layers (indicated here in different shades) & then machine-cut, puzzled together, glued & painted. Working this way ensures an exact fit for every shape & allows for more complexity than if I were attempting to build these in a woodshop with rulers & saws.

Embracing new technologies has always been an important part of my creative process. I look forward to exploring further with cnc & lasers. Stay tuned :)