Matt W. Moore X Rémy Martin VSOP.

Rémy Martin has teamed up with Matt W. Moore to rethink the way we see the world. Going beyond mere packaging, the American artist has created a new graphical language for the Rémy Martin VSOP universe. Inspired by the Cognac environment, Moore introduces a realm of discovery, blending natural elements like grapes and leaves and even revisiting Rémy Martin’s cherished centaur logo, prominently outstretched in geometric splendor. The Rémy Martin VSOP Limited Edition bottle together with a gift box is available at major retail and duty free points worldwide. Pre-Orders > ReserveBar.com

Designing this 4-panel panorama for the gift box was super fun. Packaging design exists in three dimensions, so there are many great ways for 2D artwork to come to life and be displayed. For example a row of these boxes in-store, each rotated to reveal the continuous design. And the way the gold foil and spot varnish catch the light from different angles. The design brainstorm and collaborative process was a lot of fun too. Thanks Team Rémy! First we established the key elements to include in the abstract landscape: grape bunches, vineyard rows, leaves, sunburst, raindrops, cycle of the seasons, and of course the Rémy Martin centaur logo, all blending together harmoniously. Then I took this library of assets and composed a bunch of different tailor fit scenarios for box, bottle, adverts, signage, basketball court, and beyond.

Especially fun to design this custom VSOP type treatment, and generously integrate metallic golds and spot varnishes 360º around box, label, and signage. Stay tuned for more exciting news in June.