Recent Apparel Graphics.

Here's a sampling of some Graphic Tees I've had the pleasure of working on this year. Pictured above are 4 (of 10) for the new street-level brand Live Unique. Lion/Fingerprint, Wild Weave, Chess Lightbulb, Op-Rubix. Full line dropping soon! Click-Zoom.
I had a blast rocking out on this line for the Sesame Street Apparel Division. Here are a few of my favorites : Camo Oscar The Grouch, Constellation Cookie Monster, 3D "J is for Jamming", R&R Big Bird. Stay tuned for the launch of this Men's/Women's Line soon.
And a healthy exploration of DC Shoes Logo Remixes. Lots of fun!
*MUCH more from the past 24 months when I update My Webfolio.