NYC Group Show. Bespoken Hands.

My friend UPSO was the curator for a cool BESPOKEN Group-Show during NYC Fashion Week. The Expo (And current Bespoken Line Preview) took place at the NYC Museum of Art & Design. Five of us (Fumi Nakamura, Dan Funderburgh, Nick Tassone, Baskew, and Myself) were asked to create artworks that portrayed hands, as Bespoken is handmade Cut & Sew Fashion. I was in Boston at the time, so I photographed my good friend (Prodigy Fashion Designer) Jenna Rivers hands holding a large pair of her shears. Then I illustrated it with vectors, and used scans of various textiles and linens to add life to the shapes. Make sure to Click-Zoom to see the finer details. Big Thanks to UPSO, Faesthetic, Bespoken, and The NYC Museum of Art & Design. Good Times!