Big Wall Graphics.

Really psyched for these! In collaboration with START I've just dropped two new products that not only look fresh, but they are super affordable, and allow you to interact with my designs. Gotta love 2009 technology. These things are futuristic. "Premium Self-Adhesive Fabric. Digital Eco-Solvent Inks & Premium PhotoTex®. Large-Format. Truly Repositionable. Will Not Harm Walls. Created & Printed in USA."
When these things arrive on your doorstep, they're already cut and ready to be applied to any wall surface, rearranged, played with, flowing up the stairs, around corners, exploding from behind your couch, literally anywhere. And you can remove/reapply whenever you want. BIG Thanks to John Doffing for having me on board with this project . Now there's no excuse for having a huge blank wall in your spot. MWM Vector-Fleet #1 & MWM Vector-Fleet #2. Click-Zoom.